Fee Schedule
Monthly Training Fees:
Boarding & Training: $925
Conditioning (with board): $650
Daily Turn Out: $150


Show Charges
(Note: These rates are flat rates per show and do not include transport,
entry fees, Prorated tack & groom rooms or show premium barn fees.)
Class A Show (local)
Performance: $750
Class A Show
(over 60 miles from KHA or a hotel required)

Performance: $1250
Regional/Pacific Slopes
(includes preshow if applicable)
Performance: $1500
Canadian Nationals/Scottsdale/Ohio Buckeye
Performance: $3000
US Nationals
Performance: $3500
Prize Money and Trophies
Trophy Buckles are kept by trainer and twenty percent (20%) of any prize money over
$1,500.00, including sweepstakes and futurity earnings, will be payable to trainer.
Entry Fee Billing
One half of the show fee and transport will be billed with entry fees at the close of
entries, Nonrefundable except in the event of horse injury or illness. Balance of fees
to be paid prior to horse's departure for show.
Additional Services
Transportation: $.75/mile/stall (a minimum charge of $75.00)
Body Clip: $110/per horse
Foaling Fee: $400
Foal Halter Breaking: $150
Photograph Preparation & Stand Up Fee: $70 per horse
Seller's Agent Fee: 20% of sales price payable at time of Sale
Lessons: $60 per lesson in addition to training Rate
Service Programs
Daily Turn Out - This program is for horses that are in stalls and require daily turn out or hot walker for exercise.
Conditioning - For horses in stalls that require forced exercise daily (lunging & hot walker), grooming daily, sweating and special conditioning.
Training (Saddle) - This program is for show and sale horses in performance categories. Placement of a horse in the show training program does not obligate KHA to show the horse. This will be determined and agreed upon on an individual basis.
Foal Halter Breaking- Foals will be halter broken at KHA's discretion if in their sole
judgment this service will facilitate handling and breeding of the mare. Foals will be weaned at 4 - 6 months of age, in order to facilitate the breeding of the mare or to improve the condition of either the foal or the mare.
Foaling Fee- Mare is to be placed under supervision in a foaling stall approximately one
month prior to the estimated due date and is assisted as necessary with the foal delivery.
Billing - Interest at the rate of one and one-half percent (1- 1/2 %) shall be charged and paid on all unpaid and overdue for thirty (30) days. Kit Hall Arabians may immediately accelerate all other amounts due under this contract upon written notice to customer.
Miscellaneous - Customer shall be charged for one halter per horse upon arrival. In addition, one blanket will be charged if not supplied by customer. This charge is for training horses only.

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